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'08 1.8 Tdci Injectors

Chris Doody

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Hi all,

I am looking for some advice...

I have a 2008 1.8tdci with 180,000km and it has become very unreliable and expensive. I have recently done; thermostat housing, wet and dry timing belts, alternator, heater plugs, turbo induction hose, injector 3 and now I have another engine malfunction with injectors 1 and 2!!

I have been quoted €940 by the local ford garage to replace both injectors and they also informed me that is only a matter of time before injector 4 packs up too!

So my dilemma is do I fix the injectors and hold onto the car as I know what I have put into it or do I put in 2nd hand ones to get it going and move the car on for a more reliable low mileage car?

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€1370 for 3 injectors.

I also made an inquiry to see if the diesel filter was changed during the last service (done at the main dealers) or when they changed the injectors but they didn't so add €80 to the total for a diesel filter.

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