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2015 1.5tdci

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Good evening,

I've got a Titanium X 1.5 TDCi and I think the gear ratios are wrong;

I've not spoke to my dealer yet but 2nd gear just seems too long, I'm not sure if anyone else had noticed?

I previously had a 1.6 Diesel Mondeo, I appreciate that the gearing will be different but I'm under the impression it's the same 'box' as such. I've previously had a Fiesta ST six speed and a focus 1.0 125 Six speed and second gear has always been 'right' in that it's neither too long or too short.

It's really bugging me lately as it feels I'm running the engine too fast for the road speed, feels very odd!

Just wondered if anyone else had noticed/had similar experiences or if it's just me!

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Did you not take a test drive prior to purchasing this car.

It should have a six speed manual gearbox

2nd is not a crusing gear it is an acceleration gear,

I find that 3rd and 4th on my 1.6 tdci to be best for putting your foot through the floor


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