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Timing Belt Or Chain?

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Hi all,

Hoping someone can clear up a bit of confusion for me.

I have an 06 Focus TDCI 2.0 (not sure if PSA or not - sorry) and my belief was that it had a timing belt, but I've also heard people mentioning that the 2.0 was chain driven and used belts for the aux?

I'm currently on 116k and see no mention of a belt change within its lifetime and I know the TDCI's are due around the 125k mark. I've also noticed a squealing sound when starting the car, although this curiously vanishes if I turn the engine off and back on again :S.

So three questions really:

1) do I even have a timing belt, or is it actually a chain?

2) does this sound like I'm due a belt change?

3) what's a rough average for a belt change these days? I imagine I'd need a water pump at the same time...

Many thanks in advance!

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2.0 diesel is belt driven.

2.0 petrol is chain driven timing and belt driven aux.

I thought the interval was 100k, but I'd definitely get it done if there is no evidence it has been done yet.

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Awesome, that makes a lot more sense.

Any idea of average cost for a belt change?

I imagine that the water pump will need doing as well?

Looking at getting rid in the next few months, so hopeing this thing isn't going to break the bank beforehand!

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