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Odd Noise When Driving

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I was just wondering if someone could help me try and figure out what the weird noise ive been hearing might be caused by.

I recently had my brakes replaced with new grooved vented sports discs/pads and was told that the noise i was hearing may be down to them 'bedding in' and should stop after a while. However, i have driven at least 500 miles since then and the noise is still there!

I took my car into a local garage to see if they could figure out what was making the noise and was told it could be the driveshafts as they were on the way out. So i had these replaced (at great expense!) to find out after i had collected the car that the noise was still there.

I'm now at a loss trying to figure out what could be causing it and just thought i would ask on the offchance someone might have any ideas for me or have had similar with their own cars.

The noise sounds like a clicking, whining noise (sorry its hard to describe) and it sounds louder the faster you go. Not even sure exactly where its coming from as its only when the car is in motion (mostly above 25/30 mph).

Car is Ford Focus ST 2008 facelift.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help

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Wheel bearings as well if it happens above a certain speed try and see if the noise worsens as you turn the steering left or right

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