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Fiesta St 05' Remote Key Not Working

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Hello! My very first post here :D

I recently bought a Fiesta ST150, 2005 model. It comes with a remote key, but it did not work. I changed the battery with no luck. Then I checked google for answers, and found a guide on how to reprogram it. I did this, and got as far as entering programming mode on my Fiesta, but the remote key did not answer my car's call.

It looks like the PCB has some minor damage on it, and I'm unsure how long it has been faulty. Are there any ways for me to fix this, withouth going to a Ford dealership?

It's very, VERY expensive in Norway to even look at a car dealership, so if I can reprogram a part bought from Ebay or fix the one I've got, that would be awesome.

All answers are greatly appreciated!

I will post pictures if needed.

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Hi Gard. Like yours, this is also my first post having bought my wife a 2005 Fiesta at the weekend.

Replacing the battery in her remote I also had this problem. I checked the battery half of the remote with a multimeter and found that while the contacts all looked to be good they weren't.

I just folded some small pieces of kitchen foil and placed them at each of the contacts, pressing the battery in over them. Checking again with the multimeter, this had worked first time, as did the programming immediately after.

Hope this helps,


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