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You Had One Job Experience.

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Hi all,

I've experienced a few incidents which has led to my creation of this thread because today's incident completely took the biscuit,

Figured I'd start this thread to see if any y'all have similar stories 😊

Here's today's incident in next post:

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Ok so it's my first week back at work since May following a hip fracture,

Today I got paid,

So this morning I decided that after work today I'd take a 40 minute drive to a particular fast food take away chain which I prefer quite well.

Since I'm back driving two weeks now having not been able to since May I was looking forward to the trip and well the particular food they do.

So after work I went to Gym then on to the particular fast food chain branch.

I went in and I'm the only customer in the place, nobody else

I ordered a taco chip, 5oz Burger and large coke.

Then paid 11.10 euro

5 minutes later

She says burger and taco chip and hands me the bag.

So I took the bag and went to the car,

Half way through eating the burger i realise;

She forgot to give me the coke.

So I go back in and she's trying to give this guy a large coke with his order but he's refusing to accept it.

I politly introduced myself as the individual whom ordered the coke.

👨"Hello how are ya"

She then points her finger at me saying you took this Gentleman's order you owe this Gentleman money.

I responded "hold on luv, I took a bag containing a taco chip and a burger which you yes you yourself handed to me I was then gone, just like this Gentleman's burger it's gone, and i didnt "Take it" you handed it to me.... i only came back for the coke I paid for"

She says; I'm not giving you the coke because you took his order,

I said ok so;

His order was

1oz burger

taco chip

My order was

5oz burger

taco chip

large coke

The guys getting five times bigger burger than he initially paid for and your offering him my coke as well,

Can I ask; how much was his order because i paid you 11.10 which is more than you earn in one hour yet you couldn't do the job for five effin minutes.

Having said that the guy hands me the coke and I left quietly.

I was all Samuel L Jackson in pulp fiction "tasty burger"

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Yep either avoid the place, or perhaps have a firm word with the manager, and explain the conduct of his/her tool of an employee.

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never heard that "you owe him money" - couldnt agree more - you guys screwed up, not me!

I won't ever set foot in the place again but having saw this video I'm glad it wasn't McDonald's I'd be in Hospital lol

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