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Help Needed, Injectors Stuck

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My partner two weeks ago bought a 07 1.6 tdci, that looked clean and just had a new turbo fitted. After a week of driving it started making some funny noises so took it to the garage to have a look, they said the injector seals had gone and we could just replace them.

We had a mechanic come try and take the injectors out and can't budge them at all, he's used tools, hammers even clilit bang on them, he's then told us it will have to be a engine dismantle job and would cost more then the car is worth.

Is there any advice or anything we can do before we have to scrap it as its not worth keeping?

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According to the internet slide hammer can usually do it, id contact some other garages if they cant, they probably cant be bothered or perhaps don't have the tools.

also worth noting that if they didnt fit the turbo correctly following a very long check list than the noise you are hearing might well be the new turbo getting ready to blow. the 1.6 tdci has many issues which can all be maintained but if the turbo goes then its more than likely its because the oil pipes are blocked with crap preventing oil getting to the turbo.

You can bet your !Removed! they didn't clean out and replace all the parts that should have been done....

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