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Is There A Problem With My Mpg Or Is My Fuel Economy Okay ?


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I have owned cars in the past and they have had bad MPG, so when I bought my current car, a 2006 mk2 focus 1.8 TDCI sport, I bought it as its a car I've wanted for a while and it was diesel and the mpg figures didn't look bad

Car has 52.7 litre tank

39.2 extra - urban

64.2 mpg - extra urban

52.3 mpg - combined

I sometimes get 400 miles, sometimes a bit less and that is from full tank until light comes on, that is with driving very lightly. That is mostly urban and little extra urban.

Today I looked at how many miles I'd done since filling my tank a few days ago, it read 267 and my tank was only quarter full, I decided to put more fuel in and fillthe tank to the top and it cost £32. Does that mean 267 miles cost me £32 ?

At the moment my car has problems with the maf wiring loom being torn and reading open circuit hence engine light on, will my mpg improve once that is repaired ?


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Yeah the faulty MAF won't help, I lost about 5mpg on a previous car with a faulty MAF. If it's any comparison, my 1.6TDCi cost me 8.3 pence a mile over the last 460 miles, 59mpg. :D

You really need to know how many litres you used or how much a litre cost to work out your MPG properly though. But going on what I paid this week, you're only getting 42mpg, which is pretty awful unless you're sitting in traffic or at 90mph all the time lol.

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