Clutch Help.

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Hi one and all.

I've been having a lot of fun today striping down the ka today ready for the new year track fun, however in the mean time when I went to move the car back into its resting place down the side of the house the clutch pedal had no resistance at all so I ended up pushing the car. 🙄

Before this happened the clutch bite point was literally a inch off the floor.

Forgive the armature question but is it the clutch that's gone or is it something like a cable or linkage that's come loose?

This is my first car project so I'm trying to learn as I go! 😀

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Hydraulic clutch could just be the fluid leak or air bubble.

Could be a new clutch master cylinder you need!

Bleed it and see if that fixes it!

Always try the simplest problem fix first!

A clutch swap will be £250 or more!

If you have the gear best to do it youself and learn at the same time thats how i did it when i first started building kit cars!

Best intro to car mechanics is to build yourself a cheap kit car and strip the donor!

I learned more from that period than i have ever since!

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I will investigate the master cylinder Sunday as I'm hoping its just that that's causing me issues!

Thank for the reply!

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The problem with the ford Ka clutch pedal pressure failure has been found to be the "damper"  where the master cyl pipe joins the slave cyl pipe underneath the n/s front chassis leg .This damper is held in place by a plastic cradle but is open to all the elliments the front n/s tyre can throw at it thus because it is made of alloy suffers from a build up corrosion it swells and cracks allowing a slight fluid leak and air seepage into the system this crack is not apparent till viewed from underneath .The only cure is to replace the master cyl and the slave both come with the two halves of the offending damper which are pushed together ,a good bleed ( a power bleed gives better and quicker results ) .this info comes from me a vehicle tech of 49yrs in the trade .ps this the second Ka damper failure i have come across this week the second being from an AA patrolman .I hope this helps and in no way is there to steer you away from the possibility that you may have a master and or slave cyl fault -but check this damper first , the vehicle was a 2009 mk2 Ka.





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