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Ford Focus 2009 Gearbox


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i I bought a Ford focus from a dealer and the car was fine during the test drive and on the way home drove around 200 miles and then started making noise and oil on floor were I Park it over night I new wasn't from engine so I thought gearbox I phoned the

Dealer up and they came to collect the car and said wad going to repair as under warranty. The day after they called me and said they was 2 bolt from the outer case missing and they found them in the gear box and the only way they could have got in there is if someone put in there so they won't fix as saying someone has tampered with the car they said if the bolts would have been in there when I took the car I wouldnt have made it home. The bolts were 8mm there and 13 or 14 heads I only bought the car 2 weeks ago tks would it be possible that the bolt was in gearbox before I took the car





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