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Mk1 Brake Issues

That Guy

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Stopped at traffic lights today and while having my foot on the brake pedal it suddenly went soft for a few seconds and my foot sank then hard again (yes I am talking about the brake pedal lol)

I have the red brake light lit on the instrument panel but thought this was due to condensation shorting in circuit board out (common in 03 focus models)

I have checked the break fluid and it hasn't dropped at all. Discs and Pads are well within limits too.

Anyone know what this could be?

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When was the brake fluid last changed ?

Would love to be able to answer that but not since I have had the car (3 months) the oil was changed in 2007 but only done 3k since so hoping then but not sure.

I have just changed the engine oil at the start of the week.

Would old brake fluid cause the light on the dash too?

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Brake fluid is hydroscopic - meaning it will absorb moisture over time - which lowers the boiling point - which can result in spongey brakes & reduced braking efficiency.

I'd change the brake fluid first as it's the cheapest & easiest potential fix & doing that will also give you peace of mind & then see if the warning light stays on or goes off after the fluid change

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when were the brakes (discs and pads) changed? I had a similar problem with my abs lite turned out to be dirty connections on abs wire going to sensor so cleaned them all up and changed discs and pads and I haven't had any problems since

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