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Mk2.5 With Mk3 Mist Washers Help


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I fitted the mk3 mist washers to my focus about 3 years ago and although they work fine, I would like the spray to be a little higher on my windscreen.

I seem to get a lot of the fluid spraying onto my bonnet as well which is a bit of a pain.

Are these adjustable like the old ones with a pin or does anyone else have the same issue and has found fix?

Many thanks

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Basically the MK2/MK2.5 washer pump does not deliver enough pressure to feed the MK3 mist washer jets. Modifying the washer jets will not solve this problem. The result may be acceptable but not perfect.

On my previous MK2 I planned to install a MK3 washer pump to solve this problem but before I had the chance to install it I decided to sell the car.

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I compared the dimensions of the MK2/MK2.5 and the MK3 washer pump and I came to the conclusion that it should be a straight fit.

I already bought a MK3 pump at a local scrapyard but never had the chance to install it. After I sold the car I also sold the pump. If I am correct the guy who bought it installed it into his MK2.

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you sir are a legend! I suspect half the mods on my car are as a result of yours and Lennys handy work!

they are pretty cheap too so might just give it a go, tempted to get a whole new washer bottle and loom with level sensor in it for good measure,

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