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Mk2.5 Condensation Woes!


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Having only had my early 2007 mk2.5 since may and my license less than 12 months, this is my first proper winter as a car owner and having a few issues with the condensation!

Every morning at the moment everything is very misted,

Windscreen can wipe a little bit away from the interior but seems mostly exterior but doesn't go even with wipers!

Side windows are by far the worst and for some reason winding the windows down doesn't clear anything (mist or rain drops, guessing thats another issue)

Normally after a few minutes of driving with the ac on full on the windscreen setting it clears up, the front windows only seem to partially clear by blasting a full 4 powered air vents into the car, at which point i'm almost passing out from heat stroke. if i get these clear enough to see my wing mirrors then knock the heat to an acceptable level or off, they very quickly re-mist, and even after a 40 minute journey I'll pull into work unable to see out the window.

all my mats/seats etc are dry, only possible cause i've seen is that at 70 or so the trim above my windscreen comes a little loose and lets a whistle in, although this has been gaffa'd up for the duration of the condensation issues.

so, does anyone have any solutions? possible issues? or am I just going horribly wrong!

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Hi there Paul. Have you looked in the boot...under the spare wheel? I had lots of water in there and ended up taking the rubber bungs out of the floor. My rear footwell on the passenger side also gets very wet if I park facing downhill. Uphill, bone dry. Water ingress/damp/condensation is a nightmare. Have you tried the moisture absorbent pads you can leave in the car? They help a lot! They absorb a lot of air moisture and when they feel soggy you chuck them on a radiator and dry them out. Got a pair in my 2003 Focus.

Hope this helps...

Cheers ,


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