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Electrics: What Are These Wires For?


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First this, I've got a Ford Focus 1.6 Setec S

What are these wires for?

When trying to find a AUX input on my car I came across these wires. They fit to the back of the button board below the Clumate control/ above the 12V plug.

I've tried looking for pictures of other models and the only buttons I can find are, passenger air bag, or central locking?

Can someone confirm what they are, and if it would be possible to buy a button and then have the car feature.

Thank you:)


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From left to right the wires are for-

Far left- Passenger airbag deactivation warning light.

Left- heated windscreen

Right- rear window demister

Far right- ESP deactivation button (or power roof control on a mk2 Focus CC).

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Probably for the airbag deactivation though I wouldn't enable it if you do decide to you must inform the insurance if something was to happen they will note it hadn't gone off and investigate why if you haven't informed them no payout.....ford are extremely reluctant to activate it anyway most point blank refuse

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