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Powertrain Issues With Codes. Help Please


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Good Morning,

I'm having some issues with my MK2 Focus 2005. 1.6 Sport. I get an intermittent issue when turning the car on. on in about every 50-70 times maybe more I get a Powertrain LED light up on the dash. it when go when the car is turned off and on again.

I've run my Torque app and this error code is P060C. When this code is cleared a P1000 is left, as the ecu will clear when x amount of fault free miles have been taken. (No idea how many)

Yesterday it happened again, same error code, but this time the car struggled to start, like a low battery type thing, This time a P0562 was logged - System Voltage low.

I got the car to start after a few goes, and left it on my drive. Went to use it this morning half expecting it not to work. It worked fine, no issues at all.

Any Ideas would be great.

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Well . . . . system voltage issues are often associated with alternator charging voltage or battery voltage or a possible wiring / connection issue

As your alternator is charging the battery, the next logical step is to determine the state of the battery itself, & if it's original it could well be on it's last legs.

A simple load test that most garages can perform will tell you if the battery is serviceable

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