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Review; Odk Waxes


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I'll soon be announcing that Yorkshire detailing has become an official Reseller of ODK WAXES.


In preparation for the arrival of Stock, I have been given Several samples of their waxes, snowfoam & Quick detailer.

In this thread I shall post both my own opinion, my Customers & my clients.

Watch this space.

If anybody has a preference as to what I test first please let me know!

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My website is www.yorkshiredetailing.co.UK

It doesn't yet have ODK listed as I haven't officially announced it.
Once I've had chance to finalise the ODK page I will give forum members access via password a couple of days early

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So here's the link which I'd currently only accessible using this web address and password.


Password : 1234ODKWAX

I have everything in stock except Entourage. this is due before the weekend :)

There are no product images as I've got an informal flexible booking with my photographer next week

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