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2015 Facelift Sat Nav


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Just picked up my Titanium X 2015 Focus - very happy with it but wish I got the sat nav built in, any one any idea how I go about this or is paying ford £500 the only option?

I found sd cards on eBay but i imagine there's more to it!



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Unfortunately simply putting the SD card into the vehicle won't work, the software and hardware isn't in the vehicle. Think paying ford the money is the only way tbh

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The standard system comes with the level 1 nav which is purely for lat/long date to enable emergency assistance to function.

Level 2 is an extra module that adds full nav capabilities.

I have seen a youtube video of one being retrofitted but the suppliers of the module were in the US so no guarantees the module is fully compatible in the uk.

TBH I just use Navmii on my phone and it works just fine for me.

There are paid addons but not essential for operability.

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I have found quite a few bugs in the software, maps not very upto date as my 3 year old mobile has more accurate maps and occasionally it tells you go left and points right !

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I haven't found the satnav in my Focus any worse than any other satnav I have tried.

The best bit is its integration with the car, so voice commands, reducing volume of music during instructions, and next turn in the drivers display.

Map updates are pretty reasonable if you wait until they are on offer too.

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