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Bmax Brake Problem


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I own a Bmax 2013 with less than 13k on the clock. Just booked it in for it's annual service and have been informed that the front brakes and disk's need replacing. Is this normal for a vehicle regularly serviced by Ford ?

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That depends on a few factors - including how often the brakes get used, at what road speed, how heavy footed the driver is when using the brakes, whether the driver brakes late frequently & possible corrosion issues if the car is operated at coastal locations

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Hi, thanks for the reply.

I live in rural Lincolnshire with weekly travels to Stamford 9 miles away and some trips to the local shops. Total mileage from new ( Oct 13) 12700.

Not your average boy racer, nor heavy traffic conditions.

Looking through the previous service report the brakes were checked so I am at a loss to understand that amount of rapid deterioration in the disk's.

Is this an anomaly or is there something that needs checking on the B Max range?

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