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Keyless Start Query


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I just recently purchased a 2013 smax, which is absolutely fantastic, perfect for my growing family. This is the first car I've had with keyless entry/start so naturally I wanted to have a fiddle with it to see how secure the system is. I noticed something that strikes me as a bit odd. When I start the car with the key fob in the car, it fires up as it should, if I get out the car with the key, the car keeps running, I even gave the key to.my wife and she took it into the house and it kept running. The car does alarm to say the key is not in the car, but keeps running. I then put the car in gear and drove the car back and forth on the driveway. I haven't driven it off down the road because it wouldn't be safe, but surely the car should switch off if the key is not in the vehicle? I wonder if anyone else gas tried this.

Also I did check to see if the car would start without the key fob in the car, with the key only a couple meters away and the car wouldn't start.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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