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I'm new so its only right to start by saying hi.

I drive a mk5 fiesta with a 1.3 endura-e engine. When I bought it I got 2 keys. One of them has never worked properly. It will only start the car intermittently, say 1 in every 50 attempts or something. I can only assume it has something to do with the PATS chip in the key. I have kept this key a spare.

Unfortunately I have lost my bunch of house keys which had on it my main car key (the working one). This one started the car 1st time every time.

I managed to start the car today with the spare key after about 10 minutes of repeated trying just to move the car to my parents house. Once I stopped the ignition it did start again, but I cut it again to see if it would start againa nd the problem returned. I'm sure I could have started it with the key but there wa not much point, I had to go to work and If I have stalled in heavy traffic or had to go for petrol, 10 minutes of frantic key turning is no good.

Ford want £110 to 'reprogram' the PATS system and give me new key(s). Iv also had a quote for £70 from a local auto locksmith.

I know another option is to take the matching ECU and keys (and PATS transceiver?) from another fiesta/ka/other and switch them over to mine. Perhaps if anyone knows anything about this they could advise?

Finally another quick fix solution someone suggested is to take the chip out of the key and just 'glue' it to the PATS tranceiver by removing the steering column shrouding.

If this would work Id be tempted to try it until I get some more cash to get a more permanent solution. I suppose if I did do this I could always get a 'spare' cut that would open the car. It wouldn't need the chip as it would already be in place attached to or near to the PATS tranceiver.

Any help whatsoever much appreciated. Anything I ain't thought of please give me shout.

Another thing I wonder now is if the chip has come dislodges inside the key (I can hear a rattle when I hold it to my ear) and its slightly to far from the PATS tranceiver when turning the key? This may explain the intermitance of the problem.

If the mods wouldn't mind putting this in better place where it may be better received then id appreciate it. I need the car for work and I'm on the verge of a heart attack :(


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