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Interior Courtesy Light And Footwell Light Wiring


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Hi guys,

I'm currently in the process of installing footwell lights which operate in exactly the same way as the courtesy light (i.e. if dome light is on, footwells are too).

My Focus doesn't have the footwell bulb holders or the wiring for footwell lights, so I intended to wire a few LEDs up to the courtesy light. However I'm not sure the best way to do this as the courtesy light is switched on the negative side of the bulb, and splits off into two different negatives (one normal, the other one switched by the doors).

I had wanted to take one positive feed from the courtesy light to feed the LEDs, then ground them under the dash somewhere.

Will I need to run 2 negatives back up to the courtesy light to get identical functionality?

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Hey, i have recently done this myself on my MK.2 Focus ( i can see you have a mk2.5(should still be similar)) I ran two cables up to the courtesy light, connected it to the main coutesy light (as i dont have the map lights) below is the photos,

Excuse the messy wiring ( its temp wiring until i get some crimps and splice the cables properly.) (also excuse the earth cable being used as live cable)

Hope this helps, I have also had other peoples input on my build page that may help:





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