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Mondeo Mk4 2010 - 2.0 Duratorq - Starts Then Cuts Out


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Hi all,

first of all, many thanks to them, who will read and try to help through this post.

I'm not so much of a cars person, but hey, problem is a problem.

So, I've bought 6 months ago Ford Mondeo Estate 2010 120kw/161bhp with 193 000 km on dash. About a month ago, I had troubles to get it started, It starts for a second and then instantly dies. I don't know how many posts I've already read, mainly stating that is a EGR problem.

Sometimes needed to start ~2 times with the help of accelerator, sometimes it's needed to start ~10 times, before it runs. And the issue is only in the mornings, We've something around 0 degrees celsius around here. As soon as I get it to run, I can stop the car and start it perfectly normal. And like this, it'll run all day long. Until next morning.

So, I've had it twice on Ford dealership in our country and as I got a guy there who does it off the record, then I don't know how enthusiastic is he about it.

So at first he also thought that it's the EGR, but after opening the hood he said that I have a "newer engine" (I guess it's the Peugeot one), and those shouldn't have EGR problems like that.

He made diagnostics, no fault codes, nothing. But he saw that the diesel pressure is below normal.

Now I had it there about a week, and he said that every morning he tried and it started normally.

So I got the car, next day, waited after the glow plugs go out, waited more 2 minutes, tried to start, same thing. Starts then dies out.

Had also the car in some "local garage" which stated that it is the EGR and it'll cost around 500€. So before I run into chaning it, maybe someone from you can point out any other things?

One more thing to point out, I also have the Park Heater, and running it for 5 minutes - the car will start instantly. So right now it's the only solution for me.

Many thanks!

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So, it only has the problem on cold mornings? When it is, say, 10 or 20C it doesn't have the problem? And, it never has the problem on a warm re-start?

When it is trying to start, does it splutter a few times, or is it just 'on' or 'off'?

Do you know anything about the service history and whether it was serviced by a Ford agent or by an independent?

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Hello BOF,

First of all, thank you for your reply.

We don't have anymore 10 nor 20 degrees in the morning, but when the car was in a warm garage, it started instantly.

No, even if the enigine is cold, after it starts and I try to restart it'll run instantly.

Mostly it's on or off, but for example when I try to start it ~10 times, it will be on or off and then at the end, it'll look promising, like it's not getting enough diesel and then I can start it by playing with accelerator.

Because it's a import car, I don't know anything, only can see "on the book" that it's been service'd in Ford, but I'm not so sure that I can rely on it.

When I bought it, I made full service, incl. engine belt change and all the filters and liquids. But I know that they use B spare parts.

I have read somewhere that using not Ford genuine fuel filter can cause this.

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cold start problems could be a sign that the glow plugs are past there best or not working so i would check that they are heating up correctly, the egr valve can be removed and cleaned out its a messy job but worth the effot.

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Hi mate, i got Ford mondeo 2010 2.3L Petrol and facing same situation. Car starts and stalls right away without any jerk or noise. but if i manage to get chance to accelerate and feed more gas to engine, it keeps it alive and works well. 

Happenend even after i driven 15 mins and parked in shopping center, so engine was hot 90ish Deg celcius.

How did you fix it? i got to address this issue as well.





my place is QLD Australia min 18Deg and max 30 deg. 

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