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New member,s Pride Please find photo of my focusand Joy


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Hi all,I am as I said previously,the proud owner of my Focus Ghia 2 Ltr 4 door saloon first registered on the 26/09/2002 and amassed just 36,000 miles since then.WOW I now realise that it is 7 years old today!!!. I have owned over 40 vehicles since my first which was an Austin A35 in 1957, including various ford models,( Prefects,Anglias,Cortinas,Granadas,Escorts Mondeos,Kas and Focuses).None of which can compare with my present GHIA with climate control,traction control,heated back and front screens etc etc. I have over the years kept detailed analysis of all petrol consumption in my vehicles and this FOCUS over 3600 miles has averaged 31.49mpg which I believe to be excellent. I have comfort,roominess ( the better half agrees) :rolleyes::rolleyes: and that extra bit of power when needed.I would like to hear from any other owners of the focus model as afforementioned,good or not so good. Goodbye for now.David. (Greatsputnik).

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