1.6 Tdci Tuning - Ecu Dead- Faulty Fuel Injector Driver Within The Pcm

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I have recently taken my 1.6 tdci to a tuner, they asked me to re-connect the battery after putting the ecu back in, after mapping.

The car starts but runs very rough for a couple seconds and cuts out.

Fault codes show - Faulty fuel injector driver within the PCM

Could this be caused by connecting the battery incorrectly earth lead, i.e sparking to chassis when reconnecting it etc. If not, what could have caused it

A new ecu has been ordered.

Thanks in advance

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Reconnecting the battery can cause a voltage spike which could have damaged the PCM.  Or alternatively a spike could have occurred when the tuner was flashing it very difficult to prove.  Think you need to pay for a new pcm and leave it alone.

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