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2008-2011 Titanium Carbon Effect Dash Surrounds


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There are 2 different types of carbon look used on the European Focus MK2/MK2.5. The MK2.5 Titanium has the grey carbon look panels. The Focus MK2.5 RS (and also some versions of the ST) has the darker (anthracite/black) carbon look.


Both arereally expensive from Ford. A complete set of all Titanium panels will costabout €400,-. A complete set of all ST/RS panels will cost about €750,-.

Titanium panels are not that rare can often be found on eBay or a local scrap yard. The ST/RS panels however are very rare and a complete set will cost a lot of money.

Another possibility is to look for carbon look panels from an Asian Focus MK2.5. The Asian MK2.5 did (optionally) have carbon look panels that looks like real carbon. These (original) panels are sometimes offered on eBay or AliExpress and are a lot cheaper than the European panels. Last year I bought a complete set for about €100,- including P&P. However because I sold the car I never installed them and sold them again.

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I had a full set fitted into my old Mk2 Focus, unfortunately I only had 4 days from ordering my new car to collection and trade-in so was unable to source plain replacements in order to strip the carbon parts out.

I could have sold the bits about 10 times over by now and made a good profit :(

The parts were sourced over about 3 months and I found that the radio surround was the hardest part to get in the end.

You do sometimes get a full set come up on eBay but that is rare unfortunately (the dark carbon being the rarest).

You may find it be cheaper to get all relevant parts hydro-dipped to the right pattern instead.

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