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Bluetooth Will Not Connect


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Hi all,

Bought a 2008 Econetic Focus a few months ago and have never been able to connect either mine or the wife's phone to the bluetooth. The wife has a Galaxy S4 and mine is an Xperia Z3, both can "see" the Ford Audio in the bluetooth settings but when we try to connect either phone it says "Enter code displayed on car screen" - nothing ever gets displayed on the car screen.

I've tried disabling and re-enabling bluetooth on both the phones and the car settings. I've tried resetting everything on the car entertainment system back to factory default settings. I've tried making the connections when the car is moving, stationary, ignition on, ignition off - nothing works :(

Has anybody had any similar problems and been able to overcome them?

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After the phone asks for a code you have to enter 0000 first. Now a code should appear on the radio screen and the phone should ask for a code again. after entering the code from the radio screen the phone should pair with the radio. Most times you have to authorize the connection in the phone menu otherwise the phone will not connect automatically.

This procedure is also described in the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol manual that came with the car.

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If the pairing procedure still not works the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module may be broken or the module may have old firmware.

Currently this system is no longer supported by Ford. the last update for this system was released in 2012. Basically this system becomes outdated more and more. The list of phones that are officially supported by the system is pretty short and basically only contains older phones.

Do you have the basic Bluetooth/Voicecontrol system or the more advanced Sound & Connect system (Bluetooth/Voicecontrol with USB, Ipod and bluetooth Audio support) ?

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