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Focus Mk2 Holes?


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Hi folks

I drove through some deep water the other day and it appears it's splashed up into the engine bay through these holes

Should we be blocking them up?


2005 2.0L Petrol Focus

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that looks like one of the strut mount holes? is that a genuine ford strut on there? if not it could be an aftermarket unit strut which isnt using all the holes prescribed?

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you should be able to make a new plug for that hole, using some black rubber silicone sealant. I have used it to plug holes before and its very good.

Start off by getting under the car and if you can reach up, place some duct tape, or masking tape on the hold underneath. If you cant, then dont worry, just tape some cling film over the hole. Now, with the black sealant, smear it over so it coats and covers the hole and has some excess around the edges, and leave it to dry, now pull it off the cling film when its dried, and then smear some sealant around the hole and place your dried "bung" over the top of it while its wet and let it dry. You can tidy it up when its all dried, but its a simple and inexpensive fix. Alternatively, you can buy rubber grommets in a variety of sizes and see if any of these will fit the hole, no guarantees, but its a more tidy though more expensive option.

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sorry guys but its original the mk2 has it and the earth strap is on the side of the strut bolt each strut mount has them fitted it was originally a mount for the earth but this caused it to rust out so ford moved the earth inside the engine bay and left the mount holes for adding additional earth points should you wish to the strut mount has 3 bolts you see one the other 2 are under the cowling

waste of time blocking it up as theres far more ways of water getting in the engine bay than through that tiny hole .........the air intake is at the front arch low down theres various vent holes at the front that will splash water into the engine bay and if its deep enough it will go through the cooling vents on the front arch liner anyway all way lower than that little bolt hole

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Perhaps fit some non return vales on the holes 馃榾

as they are there to allow water drain down off the tower struts preventing rust on top.

Reducing speed on approaching where possible would help

Shir even the washer jet surrounds on the bonnet perrish and let water in.

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