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Hi Guys two things

1st interal light i replace the bulb with a LED but now its not working when you open and close the door it just stays on unless you manully swicth it off, i have changed it back to the normal bulb and it carrys on the same

2nd the black clip that holds the head light bulb in is broken and i cant find where to get one from

thanks in advance


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I think it sounds like the switch inside the door (found by the metal catch) which controls the interior lighting could be faulty or sticky?

Not sure about the clip - might be a new headlight im afraid unless you can secure it in place somehow.

Edit: Re reading your post again.. Did you mean manually turning off the light from switch on the unit?

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On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 the switches are integrated into the door locks. If one of the switches inside the locks is broken or stuck the car not be locked also and there will be a "Door Open" message shown on the instrument cluster display.

If the car can be locked as usual and no message it is not a switch problem. In this case the problem is possibly caused by a defective GEM module/fuse box. I have seen before that LED Bulbs caused problems with the GEM module/fuse box. You could try first to disconnect the battery for about 10 minutes. This will reset the system and may solve the problem.

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