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Over Priced Quote ?


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Had the car ( mk2.5 1.6 petrol estate ) serviced at the local ford stealership this week , and came with it was the "free" vehical health condition report which contained the following defect note ;

nearside rear trailing arm bush deteriorated - £315 repair estimate

a quick scout around on fleabay shows the parts kits are only 30-45 quid so am i being spanked on the labour charges ? will an independant be significantly cheaper ?

im surprised the the bushes need replacing at all on a 6 year old / low milage wagon...


well at least mot time isnt for another 6 months lol

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If the bolts on the suspension arms are seized then there could be quite a lot of work but even so my local Ford dealer quoted me £240 plus tax for the trailing arm.I did it myself and upgraded to poly bushes and the job was still cheaper.

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yeah i had a qoute for the exhaust as a hanger had broke £370 from ford bought a ten quid clamp and fixed it myself they qouted £240 for the rear bearing an indy using a genuine ford bearing did it all in for £146 and they qouted £600 for two driveshafts to fix a noise turned out it was what i thought it was the strut mount and bearing where worn £70 for the mount bearing and a new drop link mate did the work for £20

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I fitted poly bushes to mine for £40 and I managed to fit them in situ without disturbing anything else.

It took me 3 hours and it was a bit of a struggle but I've heard some nightmare stories on other forums regarding removing the hole subframe etc 😊

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