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Focus 2.0 Tdci Clutch Problems


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Hi all!

Driving the other night and my clutch pedal lost all pressure and stuck to the floor, managed to get it to a car park and out of gear to have a little fiddle about to see what was up. Noticed the brake/clutch fluid was near to empty so topped that back up and pumped the pedal back up till the pressure was back.

Managed a half day worth of driving before the same issue happened again. checked the fluid level and it had gone down but wasn't empty. obviously i know i must have a leak in the slave or master, or both! on first inspection i cant find either!! the top of the gearbox under the air box does seem to be quite wet though

I have a 2.0 tdci focus and just wandering the location of each of these cylinders as ive had some people saying its actually inside the gear box and other saying its not but i need to get under the car to get to it. looking around the pedal box but there dont look like theres anything this side that could be removed looks like it goes right through the bulk into the engine bay.

Anyone had the same kind of problem or issues any help would be appreciated. have heard stories that could need a DMF and new clutch costing around £800 but surely if this was the case i would have never managed the get the clutch back the first time it lost all pressure would i?

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It sounds like slave cylinder gone, if its the same as mine I think it is inside the box but if it has leaked and contaminated the clutch and dmf you may have to replace them, i'm not 100% sure though

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yea the slave is defo inside the box. ive been outside since 11am bleeding this clutch i managed to get it back! would you all say that is problem fixed and was just alot of air in the lines from when the fluid run out in the first place or am i expecting another breakdown after another 50 miles of driving

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I hope for your sake that it does solve the problem, But there must be a reason why you lost your fluid in the first place

the only way to find out is take it for a spin :driving:don't go to far though just in case

good luck m8

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