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Slight Noise On Acceleration


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Hello all, just bought a 2007 Focus Sport with 66K on the clock and have a question. Took the car for a test drive and all seemed fine. However on the motorway on the way home I noticed there is a slight noise which seems to come from the passenger side engine area when you have your foot on the accelerator. When you take your foot off it seems to go. Hard to describe the noise but it is not a whiring or grinding more just a constant noise above the engine sound..

Car has full service history and was serviced by Ford only a 2K miles ago so I'm tempted to think its nothing serious. But, I don't know much about cars and the noise is slightly annoying.

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Hi thanks for the reply. No it is not a squeak and does not happen when stopped revving the engine. More just a slightly louder constant engine noise. Think more regular engine sound, but amplified a bit and coming from the passenger side engine area.

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