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2014 Focus 'ford' Badge Chrome Corroding

Stevie H

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Hi Guys, noticed the chrome is turning white and bubbling up on the 'Ford' boot badge. Whilst looking on the net for a replacement i saw Ford were replacing them free of charge in 2014. Has anyone had one replaced this year? I will ring my local dealership when they re-open after Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone


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My rear bagdge is replaced for free by Ford 5 Months ago. At that time the car was just outside the normal warranty.

My original MK3 badge did also have the corrosion problem and came a bit loose so I removed the badge myself to prevent it from falling off. The rear badge is made of stamped aluminium. The logo is painted and the edges are polished and protected by a thin layer of clear coat. During time the clear coat cracks where it touches the bootlid as a result of vibrations. This causes the polished aluminium to corrode.

The new badge is exactly the same as the original one. I guess it will be just a matter of time before the new badge will also corrode. It is Ford policy to only replace it once under warranty. The next time the customer has to pay for it. The badges on my previous MK2 were much more durable. Even after 10 Years the badges were still in good condition

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Hi all,

Happy New Year !

Just to let you know that I phoned my local Ford dealership about the badge corrosion and they said to book it in and they would change it while I waited under warranty.

Thanks all


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