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Focus 2.5 - Recomend Me A New Stereo For Ipod & Bluetooth Hands Free


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Hi all

I've been searching on here, and not having much luck, hope some of you guys can help

Hoping to upgrade me stereo in the new year, but not quite sure what to go for and if it's possible to keep the chrome surround

I've got the normal "non Sony" CD player, and I wish to have the following,

Hands free bluetooth for my Android phone

ipod classic connection that I can change album etc. on the stereo rather than the ipod itself and charges it

Also would like to be able to connect the number plate rear view camera to it via wireless (not essential, but would be nice)

Would the Sony stereo out of the titanium do any of the above?

so recommend me a stereo and any to avoid?, as its in the car I don't want to be fiddling "touch screen", id rather have buttons and knobs

Thanks for your help

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I've been researching the same. It seems like there are 2 kinds of Sony radios- one from around 2007 to mid-2008, and then an upgraded version from then until the end of production of the Mk.2.5 Focus. Within that there are units with and without DAB, and with and without a 6-CD changer. Ones with a USB connector can also control an iPod.

The earlier units can't do USB/BT streaming, while the newer ones can. I'm thinking of retrofitting the whole lot. If you buy one, check the firmware on it by holding the 1 and 6 buttons. The firmware is displayed first, and will be something like 05-02-04. I don't know if this is a real version, I made it up, but it's this format. If it starts with a 05- like my example then it can do USB, if it doesn't, then it can't. The one in my car, which is a 57 plate Focus Mk.2 (so very end of production) starts with a 04- so I would need to change it.

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