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Lack Of Power In Wet Conditions


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Hope everyone had a good christmas.

I just have a query regarding my 1.6 ecoboost focus and driving it in wet and damp conditions.

It seems to be noticeably down on power and runs quite rough in these conditions.

I Can bury my foot to the floor and the car will not pull at all.

In the dry it drives relatively normally with no obvious issues.

But wet weather driving theres no way im getting anywhere near 180bhp. More like 60bhp.

Could it be a damp air filter and moisture on the plugs or leads.

Can i weather proof any bits of the engine

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I had a mate with a BMW M5 that was exactly like this in the 1mid 990's.

He had BMW look at the obvious things, and they even had during a wet spell, to replicate the problems he was having. Everything they thought they knew as to the cause, turned out not to be. It was stripped and rebuilt several times. Weather proof sealant was applied to all the leads, and electrics, the ECU was replaced twice.

Even after that, every time it rained or was damp, he had a massive loss of power and it ran like an old tractor with dodgy rings. He never did get to the bottom of it.

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Thats weird, mine flies along in wet and cold conditions with the denser air. I hope you get it sorted. Does it light anything up on the dash or leave any codes?

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