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Hi this is my second message on this subject, (sorry) but on fitting the new android radio i also found that the LED cluster on the dash stays on, even when the car as been locked for hours, could this all be to do with fitting the new stereo or could this be something more serious.

I would also like to know how to connect up a rear camera to this stereo which is part of the kit i got with the radio, but all the instructions are in chinese any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again.

Attached are some imagers of the connector, and the new stereo and old stereo.

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If the cluster didn't stay on before the new stereo then its likely the issue it would suggest the wiring is such that its powered all the time the stereo should only switch on with the ignition in pos 2 if it switches on with no keys in the ignition its permanently live and killing the battery the ford iso plug isnt the issue but the new stereo wiring harness sometimes it requires swapping wires around if it was an issue before then its either a faulty dash cluster or the electronic control module is faulty so ide sort that before adding anymore wiring

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I find the canbus modules on some of these chinese units are far from high quality - I need to find a way to rewire mine so it doesn't require the canbus module to power the stereo on. With the module plugged in, I get quite a few instrument cluster errors on my code reader. With it removed, the errors clear and don't reappear.

Related, if anyone knows how to bypass the canbus modules in car stereos I'd appreciate a little help there! ;)

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