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Question Around Turbos


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Hi, hope you all had an excellent christmas. I've been under the bonnet of my 1.6tdci focus this morning just to do the usual checks and whilst I was under there I decided to take the pipe that airbox to the turbo. I found some oil in it. The oil level on the dipstick was fine. So is it normal to find oil in this pipe. There wasn't much but there was enough that when I rotated the pope in my hand you could see a small amount running around 2 ribs of the pipe.

So I decided to give the turbo a wiggle and there was a small amount of movement again not much and it does not scrub on anything.

The car it self runs fine not lumpy or down on power although to me there does seem to be a bit more lag than it use to have.

Do you think all is well?



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There is usually some oil in the inlet due to the breather pipe which puts oil vapour into the intake to burn off, the turbo will have a slight side to side play as it has an oil bearing, if there is any back/forth movement it means its wearing.

As long as the DV6 engine is well serviced you should be fine, just keep any eye every now and then for any oil leaks etc.

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