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Focus Mk2 2006 Heated Front Screen Repaired

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Hi I'm new to the forum. Iv just repaired the heated front screen on mk2 focus if anybody is interested.

The drivers side just needed the plug connector cleaning but the passenger side ribbon had torn off the screen.

I had to solder straight onto the screen


Take wiper arms off (15mm socket) push wiper arm down then pull up.

Take metal clips off plastic shroud, lift bottom up and pull away from screen.

If the ribbon has been torn from the screen you need to dig out the silicone from the ribbon attachment area on the screen with a stanley knife until you see the copper connection.

Tin the copper area with solder (get plenty on if possible)

Get 2 pieces of thin copper wire (50mm long) approx 1mm or smaller and twist together and tin 1 end.

Bend tinned end approx 15mm at 90 degrees and solder to screen

Strip back 5mm of the plastic revealing copper on ribbon band and tin end, also tin other end of copper wire

Arrange ribbon so it has no sharp bends and solder ribbon to wire

Check screen heater works. Bend wire clear of obstructions and either coated in epoxy or heat shrink. Zip tie to a point on car and possibly brace the wire to car I used a glue gun to glue the ribbon connector to the car to stop vibrations.

Cut a slot out of the metal on the plastic shroud otherwise the soldered wire will foul shroud.

Replace shroud and wipers. Re check windscreen is heating up. If you want to check voltage it should pull about 13v and 20A per side (each half of screen is on separate circuit)

I used the top of a bolt or wiper mechanidm for an earth and straight onto solder for positive

I have pics to upload when I figure out how!2mynner.jpg15wwsx.jpg35mplrl.jpg

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