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Fiesta Mk7.5 Bluefin Remap


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Hi all,

Very new to the forums and just got myself a zetec s ecoboost 123hp.

Recently seen that superchips offer the bluefin remap option increasing horse power up to around 150.

Before I fork out the cash I just wondered if any would could offer some input or past experience?



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Welcome to the site Chris!

Ive had Bluefin on my old Mondeo ST TDCi and it was great, it did what it said on the box and was nice and easy to install and easy to revert back to standard come service time too. Buy one, you wont regret it!

Maybe someone over in the Fiesta forum will be able to offer more views on it for you.

Also check out the Mountune forum as Mountune are Ford approved and it doesn't invalidate your warranty but it is a bit more expensive than Bluefin.

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Welcome Chris,

maybe this one will help you:


Still very pleased with it! Also fitted a K&N air filter and a custom axle-back exhaust (muffler), which both added a little bit more power! In fact, I think the air filter is "necessary" if you go with the Bluefin!!

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