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Weird Noise 1.6 Tdci


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Hi all,

Hoping someone can help!

I have a strange intermittent whirring type noise when I am pulling away or reversing. It doesn't happen everytime I am moving and there seems to be no obvious trend so it can happen on a warm or cold engine. It only happens at roughly the bite point on the clutch with or without revs. There are no warning lights and never has been since I have owned the car.

Also, earlier on today I was bunny hopping in 4th gear at 30mph. Although I think this is a seperate issue and something a service will clear up (just passed 10k since the last). I've put some injector cleaner in and it seems to have cured it.

A tyre fitter told me he thought the car smelt a bit, to me it just smells like a warm engine there isn't any burning smells. Although the fan does engage at 90 degrees and I think thats pretty normal.

But this noise is weird... I've done my best to record it from inside the car. The first and second bites you cant really hear it but the fourth at the end is quite clear... video is here:

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hi mate,

Thanks for the reply. So is it just a case of it being greased or is it a replacement jobby?

Had it 2 and a half years now. I've put most the miles on it, I think it was at 13k when I bought it.


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Its better to replace it.

But tbh as its an Gearbox out job the clutch kit will need replacing too, If this is a Dual mass flywheel it too would be replaced

But lets stick to the basics

Does the clutch slip at all when pulling away, do the revs increase more than the speedo

do you smell any burning or etc


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There is no clutch slip or any burning smell... it drives now as it always has very well.

It all seems very expensive the replace everything for the sake of some grease. Or am I missing something?

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What they mean is that since your going through all the effort and time ( money) to take the gear box off to do a small piece of work it makes sense to do everything else whilst your in there.

You doubt have to of course, but lets say 2 months down the line the DMF fails, you then need to spend all that time (money) taking the box off again.

Its like changing the timing belt but not bothering with the water pump.

The time needed to get to the damn thing is going to cost you a fortune so you may as well use that time wisely and replace anything else in the area

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