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Focus Mk2 St Spoiler


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Just looking for some advice. I plan on putting the ST spoiler on my car. Found a few help guides although while looking about I could see some mention of requiring a longer washer hose my question really is do I need this if I already have the stock plastic spoiler? When having a look around on microcat the only part I could find is a rear washer hose (finis 1551247) I found that by looking at the st spoiler (finis 1689072). Any help is appreciated


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The ST spoiler is deeper so a longer hose is required.

If you buy the spoiler new from Ford then an extended pipe and brake light wire adaptor come with it (the wires are longer too and you need to cut off the original plug from the car and splice the new one on).

If you buy second hand then I recommend that you pop into a local tropical fish shop and buy some filtration pipe and connectors.

You can also chop all plugs off the wiring and make your own wiring extension with bayonet connectors and crimps.

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as far as im aware bud all focus mk2 come with a spoiler.

basically all pre face have the grey spoiler lip, that sits within the rear lights,

then you get the same spoiler colour coded,

then facelift colour coded but now hangs over the rear lights,

then st and rs,

so all focus tech have a spoiler, id rather state there more a tailgate lip though lol,

iv had my grey lip replaced to st spoiler, the pipe is longer but only a tad, just cause st spoiler is abit longer then the grey plastic ones,

i say as far as im aware lol... i cant state for fact,

iv never come across a focus mk2 without at least the grey plastic spoiler,

i can imagine it looking really strange without one,

think above made it all clear, just thought id give you my advise also :)

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For reference i have a PDF of the ST spoiler fitting instructions-

ST Spoiler Instructions.pdf

...and my guide from when I fitted a facelift spoiler to my old MK2 which should give you some useful tips-

Fitting a MK2.5 Spoiler.pdf

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