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Steering Wheel Control Lights Question Focus Mk2


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iv had my car now for over 2 years,

iv only just noticed this so then answer would be great

my cruise control buttons on the steering wheel don't light up

i cant even remember them ever lit up so i am now confused if there meant to or not???

i can only imagine yes they are, there not an add on iv done, standard on my model.

if my first car i had corsa 52 plate buttons lit up id assume theses would to ha.....

tell me i am wrong if i am?

both side the on and off on and reset on left, and on right + and - all do not light up.

if they are suppose to what could of gone wrong everything els lights up,

apart from ignition barrel and 12v socket, which i assume are not standard and have to be added on.. but hey maybe they are there and dont work lol i dont klnow anymore,

hate noticing things ha...

any answers welcome and appreciated

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