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Ka Ignition Problem - Help!


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Recently left my 2003 Ka 1.3 with keys in a compound whilst on holiday but on returning the dash board will not light up and is dead on trying to start (i.e does not turn over - no noise - nothing!). However the radio and electric windows work as normal and I just can't help feeling that something has been tampered with, or removed.

Somebody has suggested that the relay may have gone or been removed and I was wondering whether anybody may have any suggestions.

I understand that the ignition relay is behind the fuse box under the dash, but somebody says that there is also one under the bonnet. There are two plastic junctions under the bonnet to the right where I am informed that one relates to the ignition and the other to the fuel pump but not sure which is which and how I would check whether it could be a relay in any case.

Has anybody got any suggestions as I cannot help feeling that something has been removed from the car. I have never ever had any problems with the ignition and the car has always started first time. It also can't be damp as has been under cover and weather dry for some time anyway.

Can anybody help?

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Good news - problem solved - It was indeed the relay which merely seemed to have failed as a friend replaced it and everything is now back to normal again ! Thanks for the comments.

kev i have the same problem with wifes ka where are the under bonnet relays located?

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