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Ford Focus Mk2 Power Assisted Steering Pump And Hoses


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I bought my Ford Focus Mk2 in early 2005 - everything was fine with the car until the warranty expired and the Power Assisted Steering Pump and hoses failed. Ford quoted £800 to replace the pump and hoses. I rang Ford to complain that the pump should last for longer thsn 3yrs 6 months and due to my complaint they agreed to pay 45% of the cost. My car is now 11yrs old and done 94 000 miles. This week the hydraulic hoses have again failed but this time the pump is fine. I have contacted Ford to request recompense towards the refitting of new hoses - this appears to be a common fault on the Mk2 Focus - if I do not get anywhere with this issue then I will take it further to the government to ensure that Ford admits t o this expensive problem.

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ello all,

Ford did revise the part for the MK2 Focuses basically the new part removes the actual power steering cooling pipes that lead to the front of the car, in front of the radiator.

So if you have power steering pipes that are in front of the radiator near the bottom you have the old power steering pipes which will have issues like exploding pipes or snapping.

The revised part does not come with the cooling element and resolves the issues.

Just a heads up really, they have released a revised part.


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