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My 1.0 Custom Intercooler Kit Setup


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Hi Everyone!

I'm Arwin and I'm from all the way on the other side of the globe (Indonesia). I am planning to start my own project of installing a bigger, vertical core intercooler kit. In my hometown, we get warm weather all year round with temperatures constantly above 33 deg C during daytime, so a bigger intercooler should definitely improve power and efficiency of the tiny ecoboost engine. Now some of you might be asking the question as to why not just get one from pumaspeed or airtec? The answer is quite obvious... Price. I had done the maths and it'd cost an exorbitant amount to get one from the UK and ship all the way back home (not to mention our import tariff would be ludicrous here too).

So here is my plan. I have bought these two stuff from Aliexpress. Only cost me a total of 90 quids!

Here is the intercooler (60 quids shipped), with core dimensions of 30cm x 28cm (about twice as big as stock). This should be a good size for my setup (125ps, stock ECU, Milltek decat downpipe) and should not impact if not very little to added turbo lag. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/WLR-STORE-280-300-76mm-Universal-Turbo-Intercooler-bar-plate-OD-2-5-Front-Mount-intercooler/32401989329.html


Here are the elbow joints and J pipes (30 quids shipped altogether) to connect into the stock boost hoses. I carefully studied Airtec's and R-Sport's design to make sure it can fit as perfectly well as theirs. http://id.aliexpress.com/item/51-mm-2-inch-45-Degree-Aluminum-Turbo-Intercooler-Pipe-Piping-Tubing/32424655496.html


So all up it cost me less than 100 quids! :D

My plan is to get them installed sometime in February. I'll keep you guys updated with my little project!

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Already got the bluefin installed. It's a totally different car now, pulls so much quicker and love that fat low RPM torque. I am in love with this car again! So I am going to do some IAT logging to see how well the stock intercooler does it job. WIll keep you all posted

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