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Hi, I've just joined the forum hoping someone can help me. I have a focus mk2 and am trying to replace the bottom section of the front and rear bumper. Can I remove these bits without removing the whole bumper? If so what do I need to do? Also one of the torx screws just keep spinning and won't unscrew, how would I remove this?

Its the plastic bit ant the bottom I want to remove, this isn't my car...just quickly got a pic off Google to help describe what I need to take off. Thanks in advance for any help.

Already posted this in the fiesta section my mistake as someone pointed out lol


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The bottom bit of the front bumper should just pull out, it does on my mk2.5, but don't take my word for it! Have you tried getting pliers on the torx screw and pulling it out?

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Thanks for the replies, I haven't tried pliers yet so might see if that works. I've got a bodykit to put on which just replaces the bottom section. Just something to give it a bit more of a sporty look not anything wild or over the top.

James on your 2.5 is it just clips holding it on or is it screwed on. I know on mine there are two screws, one under each wheel arch but wasn't sure about the middle. If yours is clips I'm guessing it would be the same in mine but if its screws I'd probably need to remove the whole bumper to get to them

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