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Ford Focus Overheating (In This Weather!!!)


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Hello everyone,

So as the title say i have a Ford FOcus 1.6 Petrol which is overheating.

When i say over heating its just after the middle mark.

When you park up the car, shut off the engine the car fans are still on.

There is no oil in the water, thermostat has been replaced.

Only thing after looking at the car engine is that the engine oil is high.

Any help will be great.

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Why are the fans so loud and stay on when I shut the car off? Never use to do it.

Coolant is at max, and its antifreeze that was premixed and put in fresh at same time as thermostat.

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Halfway or there about is about right,

why did you change the thermostat?

and where did you get the new one ? I only ask as if it was a cheap one it may not be opening and closing properly,

squirt some wd40 on the fans it might quieten down as you said it didn't happen before they may be a bit dry but its good to know that they work you could have problems if they didn't come on at all

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to let some heat out, put the fans on heat as this will bring the temp down. if the fans are running after the engine is switched off then dont panic, it is normal for cars to do this to cool the engine down.

The thermostat was changed but the settings could have been changed by Ford so that the fans come on at a lower temp instead of the original higher temp. VW did this on the MK2 Golf GTI's (yes I had a few of them)

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Its a ford cooling systems are the weak link, change thermostat housing and check the narrow pipe's from the header tank are both clear if not post back there is a restrictor in both pipes that block and cause over pressures and overheating

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