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Focus Mk3 Dash Cam / Cigarette Lighter Question


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Hello everyone,

I have recently installed a dash cam into my 2013 Focus ST, but I have a question I hope someone can answer for me.

I have purchased a Cigarette lighter > USB converter, and my dash cam plugs into this via USB. I have configured the camera to start recording when it receives power.

Problem is, because the focus keeps the cig lighter on for at least 10 minutes after locking the car, this drains the battery, and I have to remember to manually switch on and off the USB converter everytime. Last night I forgot, and the car was dead this morning, only 8v from the battery!

I have read on other forums, that there is usually a way you can relocate the cig lighter fuse to a different part of the same socket to make the cig lighter only come on when the ignition is active, which would solve all my problems. See here:


However, I have checked my fusebox, and the fuse socket for the cig lighter is the same size as the fuse itself, so there is not an alternate configuration for me to set it to.

Picture of the fuse box below: I believe the cig lighter fuse is F61


Can anyone help me out with this?

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I don't know about relocating it, but you can wire in a secondary lighter socket.

I'll be wiring my dashcam in to fuse 85, that seems to be the one most people use for ignition switched live.

Is that using one of those add-a-fuse connections? Looks simple enough, I might need to go down this road.

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Easy, buy an add a fuse off eBay, 12v Socket, 7.5 fuse for the extra 12v socket. Plug the add a fuse into port f86. Cable tie underneath to existing wiring harnesses. Then just run your dash cam wire from the mirror to the left A pillar behind the trim and down behind the door rubber to under the glove box.

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The fuse moving myth, I wonder if this was a focus mk1 thing as I've not seen it on mine or other focuses.

Fuse tap and secondary socket is the way to go.

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I know through experience that Fuse 86 is fine to tap in to, other accesories and devices are officially taped into that fuse location with fords approval.

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