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Projectors Hids Xenon I'm Lost

Focus pocus35

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Ok I may sound daft here but I have just bought a hid conversion kit for my 1.8 mk2 focus 2007 which I have also just got

Now I realise it's kind of illegal to have then in standard reflector lights and as I'm aware u need levellers and washers but where I am lost is

Can I just use projector headlight units or do I need xenon headlight units or do I need like a bumper with washer jets on I'm pretty lost here thanks in advance

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righty there are two types of headlight, reflector and projectors.

unfortunately there are xenon lights and halogen lights for both of those options (tho I don't think the focus ever had xenon reflectors.

shoving HIDs (xenon) in a halogen reflector is just going to blind the buggery out of everyone, this is what the law was "designed" to tackle. Equally adding HIDs to a halogen projector can have odd results which might fail a pattern test. The reason for this is because reflectors and projectors are designed for a specific bulb, the light source on an HID is slightly further away so the lens on a halogen projector is effectively out of focus, the amount of light coming out of a HID overwhelms a reflector producing a lot of glare for anyone in your path.

but assuming you get the right lights in the right lamps and the pattern is correct - in the UK (except NI) the MOT guide says that a car fitted with HIDs MAY have washers and levels, IF it does then they must be working. It doesn't say it MUST have them, the reason for this is because cars were produced without these systems out of the factory and the original intent of the law was to stop these reflector kits that are blinding everyone. But remember, you still have to pass the pattern test and a reflector HID Kit probably wont do it

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I'm going to add one of these




going to convert my old lamps, I have some aftermarket projectors but I'm not happy with it. just need to wait on some RHD parts

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