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Mk2 Focus - Rear Bumper Slowly Falling Off On One Side?


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Hi guys.

I noticed that I had an uneven gap between the bumper and the hood cover a couple of weeks today. Today, the gap at that left side is much bigger. I have one recent photo to show what I mean:


I'm worried eventually the whole thing will come off. What could the problem be here? How do I fix it? And most importantly... how do you take that bumper off in the first place?

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There are 2 bolts, 2 nuts and 2 underside plastic retainers for the bumper.

The 2 bolts are easily accessed when the boot is open.

The 2 nuts are in the rear of the wheel arch behind the arch liner.

The plastic retainers are right at the bottom of the bumper but shouldn't be a problem here.

Try tightening the bolts first as that is what appears to be the culprits to me.

If that doesn't solve it then look to the nuts in the arches.

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The reinforced mounting brackets inside the rear bumper have a square tab which is slides into the bodywork.and holds the rear bumper in the correct position. these square tabs break very easy. If this happens the rear bumper will drop down a bit at the back which causes the uneven gap. This problem can easily be solved by installing new brackets. The brackets are installed to the rear bumper Shell with aluminium pop rivets.

Be prepared to find rust between the rear bumper and the rear fenders. This is a known problem of the Focus MK2/MK2.5. Water and dirt collects between the small gap and as a result of vibrations it sands through the paint and eventually causes rust.

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