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2009 Kuga - Help - Anyone Know Where The Door Module Is??


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Morning all, my first post on here so be gentle!!
I have a 2009 Kuga Titanium and recently it developed a central locking fault... as in it doesnt work from the remote. The key blade operates the central locking via the keyhole, its retro, but its not ideal especially in the rain when two kids are waiting to jump in. The car does recognise the remote as when i press the button to unlock, the dash board display wakes up but no door unlocking.

I've had it on a code reader and its brought up code B2218 which apparently is "Central Lock short to Ground". I have been told to swap out the dooricon1.png module, however..... where is it??

Ive looked on eBay and found a few listed so i know what im looking for.
Ive had the door card off and looked/peered behind the metal plate thats behind it as i didnt have time to tape up the window and remove it properly. (I've done a door latch on the passenger side before now and didnt fancy going through that again)

Ive got the workshop manual but that doesnt give any insight of how to get to it. It appears to show it in the door but i couldnt see it.
Is it somewhere under the dash? If someone could shed any light on where it is before i spend a good hour or two stripping the door down further it would be much appreciated. - or if antine can think that it might be a different problem.
Thanks in advance
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